What options for cooperation with Velociti does a city have?
The city can purchase Velociti devices with or without servicing, as well as lease the devices with servicing included.
Details of solutions for cities can be found in the section Cooperation models for cities or sponsors.

Are the devices “vandal-proof”?
Yes! The heart of the device is covered with a reinforced composite armour.
It is a solid structure that prevents access from vandals.
It has motion sensors and a webcam and it continuously communicates with the base.

Can the device be matched to the surroundings?
The device resembles classic signal lights, but its casing can be of any colour, as well as made of a material other than composite. Installation of the device is possible on classic road bollards, lighting poles, existing traffic light poles, as well as elements of the existing architecture without disturbing their structure and integrity. We respect historical aspects of given spaces. We fully adapt to them.

Does small-scale deployment make sense?
Yes. The implementation may be spot-wise. First of all, we recommend implementations in places with an increased risk for cyclists. This will allow residents to experience the effectiveness of the devices in practice, as well as city decision-makers to find out about their positive impact on the bicycle safety of residents. A larger scale of implementations means more accurate analytical data, which translates into more effective mobility management and planning further bicycle investments.

Who can become a sponsor and why is it worth becoming one?
It is a company or an individual that can become a sponsor.
In cooperation with the city, the sponsor selects the desired location (e.g. near the company’s office), where Velociti installs the devices and connects them to the system.
The minimum investment cost is PLN 15,000, which allows the installation of V-Guard devices that protect the health and life of cyclists and other users of bicycle paths. Moreover, the city gains access to data enabling better management of bicycle infrastructure and the safety of residents.
The device itself and the plate set on the pole include information on the sponsor as well as their logo.
It is a great opportunity to support the values dear to the company and in line with its mission and vision. It is also an occasion for activities in the field of PR, corporate social responsibility or the employer branding.

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