For investors and partners

We are creative and flexible. We know how to listen. We can adapt. We are not afraid of challenges.

Who are we looking for?

Private investors who can support us with capital needed for investment, acquisition activities, implementation and marketing.

Business angels offering financial support, know-how, access to clients, investors, quality networking and lobbying.

Venture Capital Funds.

Associations, organizations and foundations with a statute close to our goals and values for the active acquisition of partners and stakeholders, organization of events and initiatives promoting zero-emission and sustainable transport, cross-promotion.

What do we offer in return?

For private investors, business angels and VC funds – shares in the company depending on the scale of the investment and / or current share in generated income.

For associations, organizations, foundations and local communities – support for statutory purposes, help in reaching sponsors and representatives of municipal units, attracting local communities, activists and influencers for cooperation.

Velociti business model:

Subscription/ Lease – the city/ the sponsor can lease devices instead of buying them. This lowers costs and makes it easier to conclude a contract, as it allows you to avoid capital freezing for a long time and complicated tendering procedures.
For Velociti and investors, long-term subscription creates greater revenue potential (constant monthly income).
Add-ons and mass customization – the final price of the system on the city’s/ sponsor’s side is influenced by the cost of additional application functions and the scale of implementation.
This allows us to adjust to the client’s budget (reduce/ increase the scale of implementation), as well as extend or limit the application functions without additional adaptation costs on the investor’s side or ours.
Freemium and Cost Sharing – the city/ the sponsor can benefit from a small scale test implementation. The costs of this deployment are covered by the sponsor, sponsor and the city, or they are shared between the sponsor, the city and Velociti.
In case of promising customers, test implementation financed by Velociti or investor is possible. Free of charge or partially paid offer will attract a larger number of customers, significantly reducing the risk of investment on the city’s side. Moreover, after the testing phase it may convince the recipient to use the extended, paid version.

Investment protection. How do we lower the risk for investors and partners?

Securing cooperation with a jointly negotiated contract based on partnership terms.

Strong know-how support from our technological partner – Balluff.

Securing with the share capital of the company in the amount of PLN 100 thousand.

Security with a bill of exchange in the amount of PLN 200 thousand.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or arrange a video call.