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the Velociti System

V-Guard is the future

The device (V-Guard) detects a cyclist riding a path, determines its speed and signals its approach to the intersection with the road. Thus, the drivers are not surprised by the suddenly emerging cyclists (our observations show that there are several dozen places in Wroclaw itself, where visibility at this type of intersection is severely limited by buildings, hedges or trees). In addition, V-Guard has the functionality to count cyclists crossing a given route. This type of data is very valuable for officials planning to develop a cycle path system.

General characteristics of the device: The main task of the device is to detect a cyclist approaching the crossroads of a bicycle and car road and display a message warning drivers.

The basic version of the system consists of two directional radars, a computer and a warning signal for drivers. The whole is enclosed in a shell that allows installing on posts, for example road signs. Radar allows detection of an approaching object (cyclist). The warning signal should light up at a specific moment. The computer calculates the moment when the warning is triggered based on the speed and distance of the object from the intersection, as well as the operational parameters determined for a given place. It must also supervise the signaling time for drivers. The system includes a mobile application that will allow the device to communicate with the cyclist.

Our Specialties
  • V-GUARD Device
  • The app for cyclists
  • Warning signals and alerts for drivers 
  • Data on the flow of cyclists
Target Audience
  • Cyclists
  • Car drivers
  • Сity administrations

Intelligent solutions which, based on data from devices, allow you to wisely manage the infrastructure and increase the comfort, satisfaction and safety of residents.


V-Guard alerts on an approaching cyclist before drivers can even see them.
The collected data on the flow of cyclists and pedestrian traffic will provide the basis for the design of, among others, bicycle and road infrastructure.
The application for cyclists will make moving around the city easier and more enjoyable, e.g. by choosing routes with specific parameters, and thanks to motivating gamification mechanisms, it will encourage more frequent use of the bicycle.

V-GUARD device:

Modular structure and robust design with high resistance.
Simple mounting and adding to existing infrastructure, e.g. to a road pole, lighting pole or traffic signals pole.
Possibility of unlimited build up of the system with new locations essential for the city and its residents.
The multi-functional nature of the device and the entire system enables estimation and counting, measuring, warning, data collection, information and mapping.
Adapting the design to the surroundings.
The ability to move devices between different locations, which is especially important with a limited city budget or in the case of small-scale implementations.

V-Guard, thanks to data from radars and cameras with advanced vision, allows you to map the behaviour of the road users, and on this basis – to plan the city infrastructure wisely.

Elements of the V-GUARD device:

Industrial PC without fans.

Solar power supply not requiring access to the municipal network

Connectivity via WI-FI or GSM network

Radar with a frequency of 24.15-24.25 GHz.

LED indicator.

Features of the application for the client:

Mapping the network of bicycle routes.


Advanced analytics being the basis for planning and development of bicycle infrastructure.

Application features for the user:

Map of the bicycle route network.

Public utility facilities in the area marked.

Gamification mechanisms motivating users to physical activity.

Loyalty programs.