For cities and sponsors

Intelligent technologies that enable understanding people’s needs.

We are happy to welcome:

Representatives of cities and regions.

People managing city promotion and image.

Departments responsible for the strategy or development of the city / region.

Those managing urban infrastructure or sustainable development.

Officials of municipal engineering departments, city road and maintenance departments, or infrastructure and transport, or other municipal units managing bicycle infrastructure.

Sponsors who hold dear the idea of a mobile and green city and values such as the safety and health of residents as well as sustainable development.

Benefits from implementing Velociti? There are plenty!

Benefits for residents:

Representatives of cities and regions.

People managing city promotion and image.

Increased security and faster, better and more comfortable getting around the city.

Facilitated travel planning, taking into account selected parameters, e.g. avoiding crowded routes.

Determining optimal routes home, to work or to school.

Long-term: better transport accessibility of the city, and thus – shortening the distance of a given bicycle trip and increasing the pleasure of cycling.

Better – because based on reliable data from solid devices – investment planning, renovation, revitalization or reconstruction of routes, roads or integration junctions favouring the bicycle mobility of Wroclaw residents.

Benefits for the city’s development:

Representatives of cities and regions.

People managing city promotion and image.

Thanks to analytical data – wise investment planning, modernization and revitalization of existing key routes, roads, integration junctions, bicycle parking lots, Park & Ride parking lots and other bicycle infrastructure.

Development of sustainable transport with data justifying priority for investment in cycling infrastructure.

Increasing the share of non-motorized transport.

Precise monitoring of factors and measures of the implementation of Wroclaw’s mobility policy.

Benefits for the environment:

Limiting the harmful impact of car transport on the inhabitants.

Reducing environmental pollution by limiting emission traffic.

Promoting ecological attitudes among residents, and thanks to the availability of safe routes – increasing the share of sustainable transport.

Better use of existing resources of bicycle paths.

Image, CSR and PR benefits:

Authentication of promises regarding mobility policies presented in strategic documents and tactics of individual municipal units.

Distinction against competitive cities and regions in the country and in Europe, positioning themselves as green cities and promoting zero-emission transport.

Positive reception of the initiative among residents and tourists – building the image of a modern, innovative and safe city.

Engaging companies, organizations, associations, foundations, influencers and communities around them to support cycling initiatives and non-emission transport.

Cooperation models for cities or sponsors:

Purchase of devices by the city/ sponsor with comprehensive implementation with or without service of devices.

Rental of devices by the city/ sponsor (instead of buying them) in the subscription or lease model together with the service.

Fixed monthly fee for system operation and servicing without the cost of purchasing devices.

Purchase of the devices with servicing.

Purchase of the devices without servicing

Lease/ subscription of the devices with servicing

In each of the three cooperation models:

We develop a satisfactory relationship model in a project team consisting of Velociti representatives, officials and/ or sponsors.
We consult the areas of system implementation.
We prepare implementation plans and documentation based on technical consultations with municipal units.
We are present during public consultations, we answer questions and dispel the doubts the residents may have.
Based on the city’s goals regarding sustainable transport, cycling policies (if any) and budget, we recommend the scope of implementation.
We adjust key data sets – important parameters and indicators – taking into account the needs of a given office and its units.
We train officials to use the application and show the potential of using the collected data.
We present the possibilities of obtaining external funds for the implementation of the system, including EU programs and sponsorship support.
We monitor the condition of the devices on an ongoing basis, and in the event of their failure or invalid operation – we will correct, repair or replace them with new ones (applies to the option of purchase or lease with service).
In case of the mass customization model, we adjust the functions of the system and the application itself to specific goals resulting from the city’s priorities or community expectations.

We are ready to introduce a test implementation to prove the value and potential of the Velociti system.
The costs of the test implementation are on our or the sponsor’s side. They can also be shared between Velociti, the sponsor and/ or the city.